Education Endowment Foundation:New funding to open up access to our data archive

New funding to open up access to our data archive


The EEF has been awarded funding to open access to our data archive.

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We’ve been awarded funding to develop pathways and resources to access data from EEF-funded trials and support research-led policy making in education.

EEF’s archive currently holds data from 118 EEF-funded trials, which involved 1.7 million pupils. Within the grant, archive data will be used by to find out the long-term impacts of programmes tested and delivered in Key Stages 3 and 4 on post-16 outcomes, as well as whether programmes delivered during and before COVID-19 had any impact on pupil attainment during and just after the school years disrupted by the pandemic. We will also establish ways for other researchers, government departments, and What Works Centres to access the data for other research, as well as develop resources that support archive data usage.

The funding, awarded through the government’s Evaluation Accelerator Fund, is part of a wider budget of £12 million which is being directed towards using data to tackle a range of social issues, from education to violence against women and homelessness.

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