Education Endowment Foundation:New resources published to support schools in putting evidence into practice

New resources published to support schools in putting evidence into practice

Press Release •1 minutes •

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has published a collection new resources to assist teachers and school leaders in implementing evidence-based approaches in their schools this year.

These include an updated edition of The EEF Guide to Supporting School Planning: A Tiered Approach to 2021, first published in August 2020 and now fully revised to reflect the latest information. This guide aims to support school leaders with their ongoing plans for the academic year. It proposes a tiered model that focuses upon high-quality teaching, targeted academic support and wider strategies to aid school leaders’ existing school improvement efforts. The first edition was downloaded 50,000 times.

An additional Implementation Questions’ tool has been released alongside this guide. This provides an array of checklists and reflection questions to help school leaders ensure that any changes to teaching practice in their setting are given the best possible chances of long-term success.

The EEF has also recently released:

  • Evidence into Action’: Our new podcast series tackles important educational topics and offers plenty of evidence-based ideas for teachers to reflect on and put into practice. The first episode focuses on Making the Difference for Disadvantaged pupils’.
  • Voices from the Classroom’: This new video series enables teachers to hear directly from fellow professionals about how they have embedded evidence-informed strategies in their classrooms. In our first video, Emma Taylor of ARK King Solomon Academy in London explains why she takes account of misconceptions in her teaching and provides a range of practical examples of how she does so.

These resources can be shared with senior leadership teams, governing boards and teaching staff as part of each school’s drive to engage with evidence and assess how best to implement the right strategies for their students