Education Endowment Foundation:Prof Becky Francis in Tes: ​‘How to access subsidised tutoring for your school’

Prof Becky Francis in Tes: ​‘How to access subsidised tutoring for your school’

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In new Tes article, EEF Chief Executive Professor Becky Francis answers questions about the National Tutoring Programme and how it will be delivered to schools this academic year. Here is an excerpt: 

1. In its most basic form, what exactly is the NTP and Tuition Partners?

The NTP will make high-quality tutoring available to schools to help disadvantaged pupils whose education has been most affected by school closures. 

There are two main pillars. The EEF is delivering NTP Tuition Partners, which gives schools access to subsidised, high-quality tutors for disadvantaged pupils, in many cases for the first time. Primary and secondary schools will be able to use the service to search for tutors, both national and local providers, to support their teachers at a highly discounted price – the NTP will pay 75 per cent of the cost.

A second pillar, Academic Mentors, will see trained graduates employed by schools in the most disadvantaged areas to provide intensive support to their pupils. Teach First is leading the recruitment, training and delivery of this part of the NTP.

2. So which groups of children is this for – disadvantaged children as specified by Pupil Premium or FSM designation, or those schools believe are most in need of the extra help?

Support through the NTP is principally designed for pupil-premium-eligible pupils, but we know schools are in the best position to determine which of their pupils will benefit the most – this professional judgment is essential.

We expect that the great majority of recipients will be pupil premium, as the programme is focused on support to those children doubly disadvantaged by the pandemic.

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