Education Endowment Foundation:‘Seven steps to using TAs effectively’

‘Seven steps to using TAs effectively’

how to make best use of teaching assistants evidence
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Adi Bloom at the TES reported on the publication of our two new evaluation reports. She quoted Dr Jonathan Sharples, Senior Researcher at the EEF, and talked through our seven evidence-based tips for using teaching assistants effectively

When teaching assistants are used correctly and effectively, they can bring about an improvement in pupils’ reading of between three and six months, new research shows.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has today published evaluations of two reading-support programmes run by teaching assistants. The Nuffield Early Language Intervention and Reach projects both involve teaching assistants working with small groups of pupils who are struggling with literacy.

Previous research has shown that the way that teaching assistants are traditionally used in classrooms – for example, as substitute teachers for low-attaining pupils – does not result in improvement to children’s learning.

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