Education Endowment Foundation:Teensleep study

Teensleep study

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EEF funded study, Teensleep, was featured in the BBC, Guardian and Daily Mail.

Evidence suggests that teenagers’ academic attainment is hampered by a lack of sleep and current school start times often force teenagers to wake up and learn whilst their body is still prepared for sleep. Teensleep will test whether later school start times have an effect on attainment.

See coverage below:

  • Sleep scientists’ wake-up call for later school starts (BBC News)
  • Start school day at 11am to let students sleep in, says expert (Guardian)
  • Making people start work before 9am is torture’ says sleep expert, who wants the business and school day to begin at 10am (Daily Mail)

This project is currently recruiting schools in Nationwide. If you would like to find out more contact christopher-​james.​harvey@​ndcn.​ox.​ac.​uk or click here.