Education Endowment Foundation:Voices from the Classroom: Reading fluency in the primary classroom

Voices from the Classroom: Reading fluency in the primary classroom

Sarah Green
Sarah Green
Content Specialist for Literacy

Our Literacy Content Specialist, Sarah Green, introduces our new Voices from the Classroom’ video.

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We know that fluent reading supports comprehension because pupils’ cognitive resources can be redirected from focusing on word recognition to comprehending the text. But, what might reading fluency look like in the classroom and how can we transform the evidence into practice?

In this latest Voices from the Classroom’ video, Hydeh Fayaz (Assistant Headteacher at St Matthew’s C of E Primary) discusses how she has implemented reading fluency practice into her primary classroom. She draws upon Recommendation 2 from the EEF KS2 Literacy guidance report, which highlights the importance of developing pupils’ fluency through guided oral reading and repeated reading. In particular, Hydeh explores how reading fluency can be prioritised across curriculum subjects, what practice might look and sound like, and how teachers can plan for this.

In conjunction with our latest reading fluency tools (a reading fluency glossary and understanding reading fluency misconceptions), we hope colleagues will feel better equipped to prioritise reading fluency practice in their own schools and implement with confidence.

Reading fluency in the primary classroom