Education Endowment Foundation:Privacy notice for those taking part in a recording

Privacy notice for those taking part in a recording

Privacy notice for those taking part in a recording

This privacy notice will inform you as to how we look after your personal data when you take part in filming to develop a resource for EEF projects and resources. This page should be read in conjunction with our privacy notice main page which covers information relevant to anyone whose data is used by the EEF.

The processing involves filming in schools, nurseries and early years settings to record examples of staff working with children in ways that support their learning and development.

For example, the EEF is working with the Department for Education (DfE) and National Children’s Bureau (NCB) to develop an online resource for staff working in Early Years settings to use to help improve practice

The GDPR lawful basis we rely on to process your personal data is consent (GDPR Article 6[1][a]).

Films may be recorded for a variety of purposes and, therefore, could include children and/​or staff. For films recorded in classrooms, they are likely to include both children and staff who are present on filing day.

For our Early Years work, our films are observational, capturing children’s learning in indoor/​outdoor environments as they play and explore.

As well as the images, we also collect personal information on our consent forms.

The edited film clips hosted online, for example on Vimeo or You Tube, will be retained for as long as the online resource they are produced for remains in use.

Where unedited film is passed to the EEF or contracted third companies it will be stored securely and be retained for a period of no longer than three years.

EEF works with professional film companies to ensure the highest integrity, quality and professionalism.

For example, Tim Butcher Films, a professional film company has been appointed by the EEF to collect and edit the film clips for Early Years work.

We use Google Forms to capture consent. This data is exported into a password protected spreadsheet which is shared with the setting’s senior leader prior to the filming day.