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Taking part in an EEF project

Find out more about the different types of EEF project, as well as what taking part means for your school, nursery or college.

We’re always looking for settings in England to take part in EEF-funded projects. You can take part in programmes at all stages of their development, from those in the early design phase, to those that have shown a positive impact on children and young people’s progress and are being scaled up so that more can benefit.

Contribute to the evidence base and support your colleagues to improve teaching and learning.

Over half of all schools in England have taken part in an EEF trial. Every one of them has made a valuable and long-term contribution to the education evidence base by supporting the profession to improve teaching and learning through better use of evidence.

Access professional development for your staff.

Most of our projects involve high-quality professional development and support resources, so taking part can support your staff and setting’s ongoing improvement.

Deliver promising approaches in your setting at a heavily subsidised rate.

We fund most of the delivery costs, but we might ask you to contribute a small amount. You might also get a thank you payment too for taking part in the evaluation.

Our efficacy and effectiveness projects are usually evaluated through a randomised controlled trial. This means that if you sign up, you’re randomly assigned to one of two groups: the delivery’ group, who implement the approach being tested; or the control group, where practice continues as normal. This is the best way to find out the impact of the approach being tested.

Settings assigned to the control group get thank you payments for taking part, as they’re crucial for allowing the evaluators to make a good estimate of the impact of the approach being tested.

Sometimes the trial is designed slightly differently, for example randomisation might be at the pupil or class level within your setting. This should all be clear in the information about individual projects.

There are a few things you could consider when thinking about which EEF project to register for.

  • Does this programme support a particular objective in my setting?
  • Do my staff have the time to engage in this approach?
  • Are we willing to take part in a trial and potentially be part of the control group?
  • Do I want to take part in a project that’s already been tested with positive results?

When you’ve found the project you’d like to take part in, you can submit your details through the project page on the EEF website. The delivery team will get in touch with you directly to discuss the next steps and answer any questions you have about signing up to the project and delivering the programme.

Registering doesn’t commit you to taking part, and you can express an interest more than one EEF project at any one time. Schools can also sign up to more than one EEF project at a time, although we encourage schools to consider capacity and also wouldn’t allow schools to sign up to two programmes that are delivered to the same pupils in the same subject, as that can impact our ability to assess the impact of each project.

Take part in an EEF project

We’re recruiting education settings in England to take part in trials of high-potential programmes. 

We’re also subsidising programmes that have previously shown to have a positive impact on outcomes, so more can benefit.

Read our brochure to find out more about taking part in an EEF-funded project.

Access EEF-funded projects

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