Education Endowment Foundation:Changing Mindsets (re-grant)

Changing Mindsets (re-grant)

University of Portsmouth
Implementation cost
Evidence strength
Impact (months)
Independent Evaluator
Testing whether teacher-led sessions can encourage pupils to adopt a growth mindset”
Pupils: 5018 Schools: 101 Grant: £290,000
Key Stage: 1 Duration: 3 year(s) 8 month(s) Type of Trial: Effectiveness Trial
Completed Jul 2019

The Changing Mindsets project taught Year 6 pupils about the malleability of intelligence by training teachers to deliver weekly workshops and through digital classroom resources, such as case studies about overcoming adversity. The project was delivered by Portsmouth University

The Growth Mindset approach is widely known in UK schools, with the effects on pupils’ attainment and learning motivation investigated in the empirical literature through experimental research designs and school-based interventions.

The EEF funded an initial study of Changing Mindsets which evaluated teacher training in the growth mindset approach” and workshops delivered directly to pupils that encouraged them to adopt growth mindsets in primary schools. While there was no evidence of impact from the teacher training, there was some evidence of promise for pupil workshops.

The second evaluation of Changing Mindsets combined the approaches of the previous study by providing pupil resources alongside teacher training. The study found no evidence that the intervention had impacts on children’s literacy or numeracy progress at National Key stage 2 tests, compared to pupils in the control group. The programme was delivered as intended and the findings have a high security rating.

One explanation for the absence of a measurable impact on pupil attainment is the widespread knowledge of growth mindset messages: many staff members were aware of similar approaches prior to their involvement in this project, even if they had not used them directly in their teaching. Another explanation is that Growth Mindset approaches take longer to embed.

Given the results of these studies and the limited number of evaluations of growth mindset interventions in English classrooms, teachers should be cautious about using growth mindsets alone as a way of boosting pupil attainment. EEF has no plans for a further trial of Changing Mindsets.

One explanation for the absence of a measurable impact on pupil attainment is the widespread use of the growth mindset theory. Most teachers in the comparison schools (that did not receive the intervention) were familiar with this, and over a third reported that they had attended training days based on the growth mindset approach.

Participant groupWhole Class
Intervention length8 Weeks
Intervention length1