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Inclusive Behavioural Programme

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A whole-school approach to improving behaviour and reducing bullying.
Schools: 40 Grant: £306,650
Participating settings: 40

The evaluation report for this project is delayed due to data access issues. The report will be published in 2022.

Inclusive is a school-led intervention that aims to improve behaviour, reduce bullying and improve social and emotional skills. It has three main elements: all school staff are trained in managing behaviour; Year 8 pupils receive a social and emotional learning curriculum; and a school action group involving students and staff reviews data on needs, makes changes to school policies and rules to improve relationships at school and reduce disruptive behaviour. An external facilitator supports these changes over two years, with the aim that the school will maintain the programme independently thereafter.

Improving pupil behaviour is one of the key topics that teachers and schools want more information and advice about, whilst surveys of children show that bullying is one of the problems they worry about most in school. This programme offers an opportunity to build the evidence on the impacts of a whole-school programme on a wide range of health and academic outcomes, and on whether improvements in behaviour feed through to improved attainment.

The impact on attainment will be evaluated by a team from Manchester University. The evaluation is set up as an efficacy trial. Efficacy trials aim to test whether an intervention can work under ideal conditions (e.g. when being delivered by the intervention’s original developer) in greater than 10 schools. 40 secondary schools will be recruited, with 20 randomly allocated to receive the Inclusive intervention over three years (externally supported for two years, and independently run by the school in year three). The intervention would benefit all pupils in the intervention schools, but the evaluation will focus on a single cohort: those pupils beginning Year 8 in September 2014. The Institute of Education will collect health and well-being data.The National Institute for Health Research will be funding the evaluation of health outcomes.

The view the project protocol please click here.

The evaluation report will be published in 2022.