Education Endowment Foundation:Level 4 Group Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Level 4 Group Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Triple P
Implementation cost
Evidence strength
Impact (months)
Independent Evaluator
Testing the effect of a parenting programme on children’s language development and behaviour
Pupils 1800 Schools 69 Grant £584,775
Key Stage 1 Duration 1 year(s) 6 month(s) 3 day(s) Type of Trial Efficacy Trial
Completed Jul 2020

This project and its evaluation were affected by the 2020 partial school closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, some of the impact measurement collection has not been possible and the evaluation will not be completed as originally intended. The evaluation protocol has been updated and is published below.

Level 4 Group Triple P is a targeted-indicated intervention for parents with a child between 0 and 12 years old who have concerns about their child’s behaviour.

Groups of up to 12 parents attend sessions over eight weeks delivered by a trained and supervised qualified practitioner. These sessions include five two-hour group meetings, as well as three individual telephone consultations lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

Parents learn 17 different strategies for improving their children’s competencies and discouraging unwanted child behaviour. Role play, homework exercises and discussions involving video-taped examples of effective parenting strategies are used to help parents learn methods for getting more positive child behaviour and supporting their child’s emotional needs.

The EEF is funding an evaluation of Level 4 Group Triple P for 3 – 4 year-olds in 150 settings. The project is already underway in 68 settings in the north of the country and we are now looking to recruit 52 early years settings in the Midlands. We will measure both language and behaviour outcomes. The programme will be free for settings to deliver, including training for 2 practitioners who will facilitate sessions. Settings will identify appropriate parents in September and deliver the training to parents from January.

As part of the Home Learning Environment Round, the EEF has partnered with the Department for Education and Leeds-based education charity SHINE to test projects that support parents to help improve their children’s learning and development before they start school. Level 4 Group Triple P is widely used internationally and has been shown over several robust studies to lead to improvements in children’s behaviour. Level 4 Group Triple P rated highly by the Early intervention Foundation and the Triple P Parenting Program as a whole is the UN’s highest rated family skills training programme.

It is believed that as well as the behavioural outcomes, children’s language development may improve through the programme. This trial will contribute significantly to the programme-level research by presenting the first independent large-scale RCT testing language outcomes for children.

Elena Rose Brown is leading a team from RAND to evaluate this programme in an efficacy trial, which tests the programme under developer-led conditions. This is a cluster-randomised controlled trial, so settings who sign up will have a 50% chance of being in the intervention group as above and a 50% chance of being in the business-as-usual control’ group.

The evaluation report will be published in summer 2022.

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Participant groupParents
Intervention length8 Weeks
Intervention length5.5