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ReflectED (re-grant)

Rosendale Primary School
Implementation costThe cost estimates in the Toolkits are based on the average cost of delivering the intervention.
Evidence strengthThis rating provides an overall estimate of the robustness of the evidence, to help support professional decision-making in schools.
Impact (months)The impact measure shows the number of additional months of progress made, on average, by children and young people who received the intervention, compared to similar children and young people who did not.
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A whole-school approach to developing meta-cognitive skills
Schools: 112 Grant: £697,000
Key Stage: 1, 2 Duration: 2 year(s) 10 month(s) Type of Trial: Effectiveness TrialView Efficacy Trial
Completed April 2020

This page covers the second (effectiveness) trial, testing a scalable model under everyday conditions in a large number of schools. View ReflectED Metacognition to read about the first (efficacy) trial, testing whether it could work in schools under best possible conditions.

ReflectED is a whole-school approach developed by Rosendale Primary School. It aims to develop metacognitive skills, by teaching pupils strategies to reflect on, monitor and manage their own learning. It is delivered through a series of pre-prepared lesson plans from Reception to Key Stage 2 (KS2) (including technology aided reflection and other visual scaffolds). It consists of 28, weekly, half-hour lessons, delivered by teachers over five school terms.

ImpactThe size of the difference between pupils in this trial and other pupils
SecurityHow confident are we in this result?
KS2 Mathematics
Months' progress
(Effect size -0.05)
KS2 Reading
Months' progress
(Effect size 0.15)
KS2 Mathematics (FSM subgroup)
Months' progress
(Effect size 0.05)
KS2 Reading (FSM subgroup)
Months' progress
(Effect size 0.04)