Education Endowment Foundation:Switch-on Reading (re-grant)

Switch-on Reading (re-grant)

Nottinghamshire County Council
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An intensive one-to-one, daily, 10-week literacy intervention.
Schools: 184 Grant: £670,000
Duration: 9 month(s) Type of Trial: Effectiveness Trial
Completed July 2016

Switch-on Reading is an intensive 10-week literacy intervention. It is delivered on a one to one basis by staff, most commonly teaching assistants, who have been trained in the approach. The purpose of Switch-on is to achieve functional literacy for as many pupils as possible, and so to close the reading achievement gap for vulnerable children working below age-expected levels. It is inspired by the well-established intervention Reading Recovery, which is teacher led and delivered over a 12 – 20 week period.

Switch on Reading re grant
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