Education Endowment Foundation:Tutor Trust – Affordable Individual and Small Group Tuition (Primary)

Tutor Trust – Affordable Individual and Small Group Tuition (Primary)

The Tutor Trust
Independent Evaluator
Low-cost tuition delivered by trained university students and graduates.
Schools 10 Grant £78,600
Key Stage 1 Duration 3 year(s) Type of Trial Efficacy Trial
Completed Feb 2015

The Tutor Trust is a education charity which aims to make high- quality, affordable tuition available to disadvantaged pupils. The Trust hires and trains undergraduates and recent graduates who provide small group or one to one support to learners. Tutors are paid for their work, but will deliver one in every seven lessons free of charge.The Tutor Trust business model promises to make tuition affordable to disadvantaged schools, as well as making the Trust financially self-sufficient in the long run.

In this project the Tutor Trust will provide support in English and Maths tuition to pupils in primary schools in Manchester. The Trust aims to reach around 250 children across 10 primary schools in Manchester. Participating children will receive 15 weeks of tuition in the run up to Key Stage 2 Assessments, followed by a short summer school and 10 further weeks of support by the same tutors through the first term of secondary school.

The evidence of the impact of one to one and small group tuition is strong. The evidence suggests that one-to-one tuition may be even more effective at primary level than at secondary, and indeed surveys indicate that more children receive top-up tuition at this stage than later. So the Trust may be able to have an especially strong impact on the attainment gap at this point.

However, tuition is relatively expensive and there is evidence of unmet demand from schools for affordable tuition, particularly outside of London. The Trust’s unique operating model will equip it to meet this demand by providing a good service at sustainably low rates. If effective, the project could be scaled up to other university towns.

The National Foundation for Educational Research will evaluate the educational impact of the Tutor Trust approach. The evaluation is set up as a pilot study and will compare the results of pupils benefiting from tutoring with other similar pupils that did not receive tuition. The outcome measures will be Progress in English and Progress in Maths tests in Year 7.

To view the project’s evaluation protocol click here.

The evaluation report is due in Autumn 2015.