Education Endowment Foundation:Making a Difference with Effective Tutoring

Making a Difference with Effective Tutoring

Evidence-based guidance for schools and settings to support their work in implementing effective tutoring.

High quality tutoring can offer crucial evidence-based support for pupils. And yet, implementing effective tutoring is no doubt a challenge – particularly against a backdrop of common challenges, such as disrupted staffing, budget pressures, and more. Our short booklet, Making a Difference with Effective Tutoring’, offers school leaders practical insights and key principles to help steer the effective implementation of tutoring for school leaders. 

The EEF has produced Making a Difference with Effective Tutoring, to support schools in the successful implementation of tutoring in their setting. It offers three guiding principles with case studies from schools to support school leaders’ planning and reflective questioning.

High quality teaching is the most powerful lever schools have for improving pupil outcomes. However, especially post-pandemic, there may be children in need of additional support with their learning. When one-to-one and small group tutoring are implemented well, following key principles, it is likely that it can be impactful.

- Professor Becky Francis

We have heard from school leaders across England about the challenges of implementing tutoring, but also the potential and positive impact. These school leader questions, alongside our best available evidence have helped shape this short guide.

This booklet compiles the evidence around tuition, effective implementation and professional development. Careful implementation of tutoring is critical. Although the impact of tutoring is positive on average, this is not true for all studies, so schools should consider how they are dedicating sufficient time and resource to monitor and evaluate their tutoring provision effectively.