Education Endowment Foundation:Careers at the EEF

Careers at the EEF

Find out about our current vacancies, what to expect from the application process, and what working at the EEF is like. 

A warm welcome to the EEF from our CEO, Professor Becky Francis CBE.

Prof. Becky Francis, CBE
Prof. Becky Francis, CBE

At the EEF, we’re focused on addressing two gaps: in order to challenge the socio-economic gap for educational achievement, we need to close the evidence gap, which means using research findings on effective practice to support young people’s learning.

You are thinking about joining our team at a critical moment for our mission of reducing education equality in England. The socio-economic attainment gap –long entrenched in our education system ‑has grown since the onset of COVID-19, wiping out much of the hard-won progress of the past decade.

One of the measures of our success is our annual staff survey, we are really thrilled that our staff are both proud to work at the EEF and would recommend working at the EEF to a friend.

We encourage you to explore the information on our career pages and look forward to receiving your application.”

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About the EEF

The EEF is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement.
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