Education Endowment Foundation:EEF blog: Understanding the impact of COVID on learning

EEF blog: Understanding the impact of COVID on learning

Becky Francis CBE
Becky Francis CBE
Chief Executive

Our CEO Professor Becky Francis introduces our new evidence review. 

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For two years, schools have been grappling with real uncertainty. Questions from whether they would be open one day to the next, to how best to support learning, both remotely and in-class, have loomed large over daily life in schools.

Amidst these challenges, teachers and school leaders have worked tirelessly to mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic on the children and young people in their care. Initially, they did so whilst working without a map, lacking evidence of how their pupils’ learning had been affected.

However, over time, studies have been conducted and research evidence published. This has enabled us to begin to piece together a more robust understanding of how partial school closures have affected children, and the measures that will need to be taken to facilitate their recovery and move learning forwards.

At this stage in the pandemic, we are in a position to put these findings together. In addition to national trends in learning, we have access to insights into how schools in different regions have been affected, trends across setting types, and the impact on socially disadvantaged pupils.

It is more important than ever that practitioners have access to the information they need to make sure that their efforts and resources are targeted towards meeting their pupils’ needs.

It our hope that this document is a helpful complement to schools’ ongoing diagnostic assessment, supporting teachers and school leaders to effectively strategise and implement their approach to recovery for the good of all their pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged.