Education Endowment Foundation:Outcome measures and databases

Outcome measures and databases

Access our databases, underpinned systematic reviews, to select valid and reliable outcome measures.

This page provides access to the EEF’s outcome measure databases and outcome measures that have been commissioned by the EEF.

To support evaluators in selecting valid and reliable outcome measures, the EEF has commissioned the development of three outcome measure databases. Each database is underpinned by a systematic review.

  • The Attainment Measures database covers standardised, norm-referenced measures of attainment in literacy, mathematics and science for pupils aged 6 to 18 years.
  • The Early Years Measures database covers measures of early years outcomes across the following domains: language, literacy, numeracy, social-emotional development, home environment, and the early years learning environment.
  • The SPECTRUM database covers measures of children’s non-academic skills across the following domains: motivation, goal orientation and perseverance; emotional intelligence; social and emotional competence; mental health and wellbeing; resilience and coping; perceptions of self; and meta-cognitive skills.