Education Endowment Foundation:Changing Mindsets

Changing Mindsets

University of Portsmouth
Independent Evaluator
An intervention which aims to improve attainment by developing a growth mindset in pupils.
Schools 36 Grant £368,460
Key Stage 1 Duration 2 year(s) Type of Trial Efficacy Trial
Completed Feb 2014

Portsmouth University are delivering the project, which will teach children about the importance of having a growth mindset’. The project is based on the premise that children who have a fixed mindset and believe that I’m no good at this and never will be” do less well than those with a growth mindset and believe that I can develop my ability in this subject and I can succeed”. They will test two models of changing the way pupils think about themselves and their intelligence. The first, most intensive model, will involve a nine-week course of support from university students and external agencies (the local football club’s Study Centre and the Education Business Partnership). The team also plans to test a simpler teacher training model, where teachers will be trained to teach pupils about the malleability of their intelligence (e.g. praising effort, rather than intelligence).