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Grammar for Writing

University of Exeter
Implementation cost
Evidence strength
Impact (months)
Independent Evaluator
Durham University
The York Trials Unit
Improving writing by developing pupils’ understanding of grammatical choices
Pupils 2510 Schools 53 Grant £339,000
Key Stage 1 Duration 1 year(s) 6 month(s) 30 day(s) Type of Trial Effectiveness Trial
Completed Dec 2014

Grammar for Writing is a literacy intervention that aims to improve writing skills of Year 6 pupils by providing contextualised grammar teaching. It encourages pupils to improve how their writing communicates with the reader by making connections between a linguistic feature and the effect it has on writing, rather than by focusing on grammatical inaccuracies. It can be delivered as both a universal and targeted intervention.

In this evaluation, the programme was trialled as both a whole class and small group approach, with pupils expected to achieve between Level 3 and 4b at Key Stage 2. The intervention involved 15 guided writing sessions, delivered over four weeks, in June/​July 2013, and involved 53 primary schools from four geographical regions across England. Teachers in intervention classes received three days of training in the Grammar for Writing approach.

Delivered byTeachers
Participant groupParents
Intervention length4 Weeks
Intervention length3