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Early Years Evidence Store

Support to help you put evidence-informed approaches into practice.

Developed to support the DfE’s Stronger Practice Hubs programme, the Evidence Store has been designed to support Stronger Practice Hubs work with early years providers, but it can be used by everyone working in the early years.

The Evidence Store currently includes four key themes. These areas have been prioritised due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s learning and experiences in these areas. More themes will be added over time.

The next theme will be Self-Regulation and Executive Function.

Communication and Language

Early Years Evidence Store

Communication and Language

Approaches and practices to support Communication and Language development in the Early Years
ApproachesLast updated 4 months ago
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Early Years Evidence Store

Early Literacy

Approaches and practices to support literacy in the early years
ApproachesLast updated a month ago
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Early Years Evidence Store

Early Mathematics

Approaches and practices to support mathematics in the early years
ApproachesLast updated 3 months ago
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The Early Years Evidence Store is a summary of evidence-informed approaches to help educators to understand and reflect on their practice. The approaches are illustrated with practices that typically make up the approach and a range of examples of what these might look like in practice.

The Early Years Evidence Store demonstrates that the approaches and practices can be implemented with children across different contexts for teaching and learning spanning adult-led and child-led learning opportunities in the Early Years Pedagogical Continuum.

Professional judgement and an understanding of your children are key to applying the evidence. 

More information on how to make use of the Evidence Store is provided in the how-to guide.

The Evidence Store and the tools to support its use will be iterated and developed between November 2022 and October 2024.


Impact of COVID-19

Summary of the evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on children in the early years.
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